Snow Removal Service

Services available for Commercial - Industrial - Residential - Associations - Assisted Living Centers - Parks

We began plowing snow in 1980, prior to establishing and incorporating Landscape Direct itself!

Currently we have a fleet of trucks with blades and Salt spreaders,  5 loaders – 2 of which have 16’ & 18’ articulate blades, pusher boxes, 1 loader with a 7 yd high tip bucket to move or load snow out of parking lots. We also work with 3 Sub-contractors that have new, reliable equipment, and operators with years of experience.

We are local to our service area, and have backup equipment to confirm service will be performed the same day as the Snow event.

Snow / Rain / Freezing temps have been very unpredictable.  It is our goal to continue to service your needs!

LS Snow 2
LD Snow Machine 5
LD Snow Machine 4
LD Snow Machine 3
LD Snow Machine 2
LD Snow Machine 1
LS Snow 1
LD Snow 4
LS Snow 3

The Snow Season has been very challenging over the last 42 years, including experiences such as:

24″ snow fall depths
4’ drifting
4 months of weather below freezing
29 days of De-icing events in a 31 day month.

The 2014 season blew ’13 away with 26 Plowing events that no Weather Service or Farmer’s Almanac predicted  coming.
This was followed up in 2015 with 19 events.

We have suffered with salt suppliers (Detroit & Canada) that have gouged & manipulated the market in recent years that have tripled the cost of your property de-icing service.

A 41 year Perspective –

Our first new Truck with the snow blade cost $9,300.00 in 1979.
Same truck today is $63,000 +, which does not include the Front and back blade, adding another $9,000.

…and that still doesn’t include the Driver or Insurance!