All of Our Mulches are made from 100% Living Forest Virgin Wood – Not Pallets

Skip over low-priced Econo-Mulch, Environmental-Mulch, or similarly named products. They mostly contain dead, non-organic wood that has been sterilized, kiln-dried, and chemically treated. When you see landscapes where the mulch in the beds are 9-inches higher than the grass, that usually indicates palletized mulch is being used, which does not decompose the way mulches should over time!

Use our Mulch Calculator to figure out exactly how much product you need.


Our dyed mulch is sawmill fresh wood from upper Michigan! Featuring dense colors and slow decomposition rates, it uses aged hardwood that is colored with Iron Oxide (Iron & Oxygen), Carbon to color it, a Surfactant to retain the color, then they just add water.



Cherry Brown




Golden Blond or Dark Gold, fibrous & stringy texture. Lasts longer by nature.

Our Cedar mulches are 100% Cedar logs and Bark.

Cedar Dark

Cedar Premium


Hardwood is made of organic natural slab & bark from sawmills.

Made from Oak, Maple, Walnut, Birch and other Hardwood Trees,  the grinder uses different screens to give the chips the different sizes and textures.

Hardwood Double

Hardwood Blend

Hardwood Premium


Red Pine is the best of the best and is all bark. Easy to install, rich aroma, fluffy, and pair very well around Annuals / Perennials.  Darkens with age.

Play Safe “Certified” has a very consistent small chip size and has been screened extra for any harmful metals.  It can be used as a decorative mulch, but normal use is for Play sets/Playgrounds because it is light, fluffy, and will cushion a fall to help prevent head and joint injuries upon impact.

“Number 2 Wood Chips” is the resulting material from tree removal companies work, featuring a mixture of chip sizes.  We use Number 2 Wood Chips in all of our Tree Holding areas at the Garden Center to hold in moisture and Nutrients.  It is also rich in energy because it is the freshly chipped mulch.

Red Pine

Play Safe

Number Two