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  • A pioneer in the development of solutions for the maintenance of exterior surfaces, Techniseal has been the world’s leading manufacturer of polymeric jointing sand and paver care products for the last 35 years. Founded in 1984, Techniseal offers professional-grade products to the industry in the United States, Canada, Australia and throughout Europe.
  • In recent years, Techniseal has broadened its offering. It now provides landscape and hardscape professionals with several innovative new products and accessories for the installation, maintenance and protection of exterior surfaces.
  • Designers and installers of large-scale projects everywhere trust the effectiveness and durability of Techniseal products. In fact, Techniseal has been a part of significant architectural projects such as the restoration of the Roland Garros Stadium in France, the rejuvinations of the Old Montreal district in Canada, the revitalization of the Munich Airport in Germany, and the redesign of an urban area in Virginia Beach, VA.
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Techniseal Product Offerings

Techniseal Structure Bond
Techniseal Structure Bond Application Gun
Techniseal Polymeric Joint Sand No Compaction
Techniseal SmartSand
Techniseal HP NextGel Polymeric Jointing Sand
Techniseal Satin Look Paver Sealer
Techniseal Color Boost Paver Sealer
Techniseal Concrete Paver Restorer
Techniseal Paver Prep