COVID-19 Operations

To our Clients,
Currently Landscape Direct is open for business under the agricultural exemption in the Stay at Home order
issued by the State of Michigan today.
The following guidelines must be followed to conduct business.
DELIVERY & ON SITE SERVICE: When we make deliveries or perform services at your site, we ask that you
Keep your family or employees inside your home or business while we are on your property.
You may call our office 586-752-4222 if you do not recognize a Landscape Direct representative or need to
communicate directions / requests. If you need to speak with an employee, please keep a minimum of 10′ from our
employee and do not touch any of the employees / companies property…….. Protect yourself and us ……..
Remember, the Virus may live 1 – 3 days on surfaces. Employees are asked to not touch your property and to
stay out of your buildings, but by natural reflexes, they may touch hand rails and pickup objects in there path.
At our LANDSCAPE SUPPLY STORE – Entering our building is not necessary.
It would be helpful and we advise you to call ahead, and if possible, place your order and payment by phone.
If you are picking up, we can have the order pulled for loading while limiting contact. If possible, stay in your vehicle.
Restroom use outside only. It is your responsibility to wipe down any surfaces you touch. You will not be permitted
to use the employee restroom inside and employees are not permitted to use customer restrooms outside.
We have a portable Credit card processor. To process payment, you will not be permitted to enter our Sales Center
building or management office for any reason. We will enter the information, we will swipe your card while
holding it with a paper towel, we will put our signature in place of yours and then give you the paper receipt and
or email it to you. If your card requires a PIN # we will ask for this in private and enter it for you.
Cash – You will be asked to count out the cash and place it in an envelope and write your name / date / inv. # on
the envelope. We will wait to process the cash.
Check – Same procedure, name / date / inv. # on the envelope. We will Email your invoice if possible or you
may open your car door, and we will fold and place in your vehicle.
OPEN ACCOUNT – Entering our building is not necessary. We will finalize your paperwork & will email your invoice
and process any financial information.
Your cooperation . When safe, we look forward to resuming normal operations and welcoming you to a fun
2020 Season. Until then, please take this situation seriously and do everything possible to STAY SAFE !!
Myron Kukuk, along with the Staff and Crew members of Landscape Direct