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Spring Gardening Checklist

Here’s a checklist for Spring garden and landscape activities. Call us for any of your Spring gardening needs.

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  • Clean Winter debris out of beds and lawn (old leaves carry fungus & disease onto new growth)
  • Dormant spraying of selected shrubs and Trees (kills egs and scales before they hatch)
  • Root feeding of trees and shrubs
  • Grass pre-emergent weed control application
  • Pond maintenance and opening
  • Nightscape lighting maintenance and adjustment
  • Irrigation system opening and maintenance
  • Vegetation kill for shrub beds, walkways, and drives
  • Perennial cutting and splitting
  • Lawn rolling
  • Aeration


When to Plant Peas?

Peas, spinach, lettuce, cabbage and many other greens  can be planted as soon as the soil can be worked.

Visit our Garden Center to pickup your garden seeds for this years garden.


Frost Danger – When to Cover Your Plants

If frost is in the forecast, make sure you cover your plants before sunset.

Doing so will trap the heat of the earth under your covering and help protect your plants.

An old bed-sheet or other fabric covering works best.