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Hydrangeas are blooming

    Nikko Blue Hydrangea                                  IMG_1693

     Height: 3-5′     Spread: 3-5′

      Foliage: Green

      Fall Color: Yellow-green

      Bloom Time: Summer

      Bloom Color: Blue to Pink

      Notes: Most reliable of the blue varieties.


Polymeric Sand, Dust, and Aqua Rock

Polymeric Sand
Polymeric SandWe are pleased to announce that we now carry Polymeric Sand materials from Alliance Gator, whose sole mission is to offer the best quality products to the Hardscaping community.

Alliance is considered to be one of the leading forces in the industry by offering the first 10 year warranty of it’s kind on its sand and dust products: Gator Super Sand, Gator XP Sand, Gator Maxx and Gator Dust.

Now Is The Time to Fertilize Your Lawn

Hibernation time has ended.    Ground Temps are the Alarm Clock for your Lawn / Trees and Shrubbery plants.

Nourishment time is NOW !!

The soft wet soil is primed to accept and dissolve micro-nutrients with fertilizer.  In days you will see the benefits as your grass jumps into high gear growing thick and vibrant.

Additionally, lack of proper nutrients can cause dead, bare patches to form which later in the season can become difficult to fix as the root system ( the foundation ) is not in place.

We have well tested, Professional products for each plant variety in Stock.