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Sprinklers & Irrigation

We carry a large variety of parts and supplies for sprinkler systems.



Valve Boxes

Valve boxes for protecting irrigation valves and other burried items where
direct access is frequently needed.
Various sizes and shapes from round to rectangular, shallow to deep.
6″, 10″, 10.5×12.5×6.5, 10.5x12x16, 15×20.5×7, 15×20.5×12


Gear Drive Sprinklers

The optimal way to evenly irrigate your yard.
Easily adjustable and up to 360 degree forward and backward rotation.
Various sizes for all types of watering applications


Mist pop-up Sprinklers

Range of pop-up sprinkers ideal for watering landscaped beds, gardens, grassy areas, and shrubbery.
Sizes: 12″,6″, 4″  Adjustable spray pattern nozzles also available


Maxipaw In-ground Sprinkler

Traditional design common  yard sprinkler
Adjustable spray distance and roation


Poly Pipe

Underground irrigation pipe
Available in various sizes, by roll or by foot.
Pipe Sizes: 3/4″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 2″


Vacuum Breaker (Febco)

Vacuum Breakers are used to protect against health hazard and non-health hazard back siphon-age conditions in industrial plants, cooling towers laboratories, laundries, swimming pools and lawn sprinkler systems.


Vacuum Breaker Seal Kit (poppet Kit Assembly)

Complete Kits that refurbish and replace worn and damaged vacuum breaker
seals and floats.
Many types available for most Vacuum Breakers (Febco, Watts)


Misthead Popup Sprinkler Nozzles

Easy screw on nozzles include filter
Multiple sizes, spray patterns and adjustables available


Electric Sprinkler Valve (Hunter Flow Control)

Quality electric operation sprinkler valve
Flow control allows for easy control of line water pressure.


Electric Sprinkler Valve (Irritrol)

Electric valved and solonoid are tried and proven quality for irrigation.


Wireless Rain Sensor (Toro)

The Toro Wireless Rain Sensor is designed to help save water and money by automatically interrupting your irrigation system during periods of rainfall.


Wireless Rain Sensor (Orbit)

Prevents your automatic sprinkler system from watering during a storm and is controlled by remote so there is no wiring to string to your timer.


Hunter Irrigation Controller (4 Station)

4 stations (not expandable) for residential applications.  12 run times per day, Sensor ready, 110V with internal transformer 


RainBird ESP4M Modular Controller

Expandable to 12 Zones with additional modules
Rain Sensor ready
Indoor & Outdoor controllers available

RainBird Controller Module

Snap-In module allows certain controllers to add irrigation zones


Hunter Controller Module

Snap-In module allows certain controllers to add irrigation zones


Self Tapping Irrigation Saddle

Irrigation Self-Tapping Saddle, No tools, clamps or glue needed, Just push down to latch the saddle to the pipe


Funny Pipe

Makes installing any sprinkler quick and easy. Ideal for installing or relocating sprinklers in hard-to-reach areas. Cushions sprinkler to protect against damage in high traffic areas. Rating up to 120 PSI
Available in cut lengths or rolls.


Brass Ball Valve (Apollo)

Ball Valve, Two Piece, FNPT Connection, Max. Pressure 600 psi

Irrigation Hose Clamps (oetiker)

Single & Double Ear easy crimp clamps
Sizes to fit all poly pipe dimentions
Secure, tight fit prevents water leakage


Hose Clamp (Threaded)

Common threaded hose clamp
Available in many sizes


Flexible Rubber Unions & Reducers

Various Sizes


Irrigation System Parts & Connectors


PVC Ball Valves