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Grass Seed

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Sunny Mix

Areas that receive 6 or more hours of direct sun light a day.

30% KY. Bluegrass 98/80
25% CR. Red Fescue
25% Turf Type Per. Rye
10% Barron Ky. Blue
10% Newport Ky. Blue


3-3-3 Mix

Our #1 seller due to its versatility.  Premium seed blend that allows for future area environment as conditions change.  Will grow under less or more sunlight.

33% Ky. Bluegrass 98/80
33% Cr. Red Fescue
33% Turf Type Per. Rye


Shady Mix

Areas that compete with tree roots and canopy’s, with 3 or less hours of sun light a day.

35% Cr. Red Fescue
35% Pennlawn Red Fescue
20% Turf Type Per. Rye.


Rhino Class ‘A’

Mixture for medium traffic usage.  Fast 10 day germination for erosion control, high percentage of Blue grass for quicker transition.

40% Turf Type Per. Rye.
30% Cr. Red Fescue
30% Ky. Bluegrass 98/80


Econo Mix

Non name brand seed variety.  Quick germination, grows in 5 plus hours of sun light.

30% Annual Rye
30% Per Rye
30%Cr. Red Fescue
10% Kentucky Bluegrass


MDOT Roadside

Spec’d for quick germination for erosion control, high traffic stand, courser grass to hold in more soil moisture.

50% Perennial Ryegrass
35% Cr. Red Fescue
15% Ky. Bluegrass