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Trees & Plants

Trees and plants beautify your yard, increase it’s value and can contribute to healthier living.

At Landscape Direct we carry an amazing variety of trees and plants.

Great warranty!

Plant them yourself, or we can for you.


Deciduous Trees

These trees lose their leaves every Fall. We have a large selection of Deciduous Trees, including 5 varieties of Maple trees.


Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees are valued primarily for their Spring blooms. Check out our large variety of Flowering Crab Trees.


Evergreen Trees

Also known as Pine trees, these trees keep their needles year-round and add color to your Winter landscape.



We carry shrubs for both sunny and shady locations.  Our on-staff Horticulturists can help you find just the right one for your landscape.



We carry a large variety of potted perennials, ready for your garden including Hostas, Ornammental Grasses, Ferns, Flowers and more.