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Pond Maintenance



Sometimes Mother Nature can use a helping hand.  This is especially true with ponds.  Whether your pond is large or small, we carry the products to help it stay looking great.

  • Ph balancers
  • Algaecides
  • Clarifiers and more

If you’re not sure what the problem might be, take a picture or bring a sample of your pond water  to our Garden Center. Our Horticulturists can help identify the problem or pest and send you home with a remedy.







Fritz Guard Pond Healing Formula

Eliminates chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals
Promotes natural healing of broken fins and scales
Decreases chance of infection


Fritz Guard Pond pH Higher Formula

Increases pH and Alkalinity
Restores pond water to healthy ph levels
Prevents pH burn


EasyPro Water Conditioner

Removes chlorine, destroys chloramines
Neutralizes Heavy Metals
Adds Slime Coat
Adds Electrolytes
Reduces Stress


EasyPro Blue Lake Colorant

Professional Strength
Safe for fish, plants and birds
Will not stain rocks, plants or wildlife once dispersed in pond


Stock Trine II Algaecide

For stock watering tanks, troughs and ponds


Microbe-Lift OX

Use for immediate and continuous release of oxygen in
overloaded systems.
Safe for humans, wildlife and aquatic life
Provides slow release of oxygen to ponds for weeks after addition


EasyPro Blue Pond Dye

Provides a natural blue tint to pond water
Will not stain rocks, plants, birds or pets once diluted


Microbe-Lift PBL

Professional Blend Liquid
Keeps your ponds clean and clear
Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels
Dissolves away organic sediment
Promotes raid fish growth


Air Stones

Various Sizes