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Rid O Rust Rust Stain Preventer

Hard well water formula 2000
Specially formulated for use under hard water conditions
Prevents ugly rust stains and scaling from well water
1 Gallon


Seal King Paving Stone Sealer

Protects against oil, dirt and salt, anti-freeze, transmission fluid.
Touch dry in 1 hour
Drive on in 8 hours
Available in: High Gloss, Semi Gloss, and Natural


Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue PVC Pipe Cement

Fast setting
Ok in wet conditions


Weld On P-70 Primer

Industrial Grade
Specially recommended for Schedule 80 and large size pipe


Brickstop Inverted Tip Marking Paint

Fast Dry Flourescent Colors


Brickstop Extra Strength Paver & Retaining Wall Adhesive

Heavy Duty Premium Polyurethane
Use for concrete & stone


Singerman Laboratories Concrete Rust Remover

Removes rust stains from concrete, stone, and masonry surface


Earth Minded Rain Barrel Diverter & Parts Kit

Convert any barrel into a rain barrel
Hole saws included
Easy to install and winterize in minutes


Cedar Rail Fencing

More weather-resistant than Pine, Spruce, and Hemlock
Cedar resists insect infestation


Steel Cable Tree Staking Kit

#2c  Holds 250lbs – up to 2″ Tree Caliper
#3c  Holds 300lbs – up to 3″ Tree Caliper
#5c  Holds 800lbs – up to 5″ Tree Caliper
#10c Holds 1600lbs – up to 7″ Tree Caliper


Wood Stakes